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I added these to a treasury and thought that they were such a diverse and fun collection I would put them on here for a wider audience to see.
I will start doing more gift idea blogs for you with cards and decorations etc but it is also nice to see random items that can make that perfect gift that`s different. I think for most people that`s the holy grail of gift buying. S present that is totally different, unique and perfect for that hard to buy for recipient.
I will be searching far and wide for you, never fear.
As usual, to see a bigger picture or a description, just click on the item to view it in the shop.

I bet now you are not so inclined
to sit there naked on your behind
searching the net high and low
hearing the chill wind blow.
You`d have goose pimples turn to bumps
they may even become big lumps
as the cold really starts to bite
have to say, not a pretty sight.
Certain things would start to shrivel
even as you read this drivel.
So please, for the sake of us all
do go and make the right call
put on those clothes, don`t get chilly
mainly because it`s very silly.
It`s not a picture I want in my head,
honestly, it had to be said!!

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hair grips unique monster pa...

20 4 1/2 inch green pine tr...

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Calm Stream - Landscape Rive...

Felt Play Mat - All About To...

New York Typographic Wall Ar...

VW Campervan Gift Felt Car T...

Purse, tote bag, market tote...

Cushion Cover - Sun Sunny Su...

Fabric Book Cover NIGHT OWLS

Jules Verne Around The World...

GALAXY Saturn COMET Space Un...

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  1. Some great choices Linda and they make such a lovely, cheerful and fun looking selection.

    Thank you for showing one of my Night Owls Book Cover Bags.