Red & Gold #Etsy

This gorgeous treasury was created by Pat of The Whistling Man. I thought it was so gorgeous that I purloined it and added it here for you all to see.
These colours are of course typical Christmas colours, so festive looking. There is a great mix of Handmade and Vintage, lot`s of gift ideas to choose from.
What have I been doing? Some needle felting, making another snowman tree decoration and helping my 7 year old grandson to make one of his own. He was thrilled with his efforts and took it home for his own tree. The children all have their own little tree in their bedrooms to decorate as they please. The youngest wanted to make some cards which tends to include a lot of glue and sparkles and small stick ons and festive pictures added haphazardly but he loves it and is always very proud of his creations. I think they are for his school friends with one each for his 2 brothers and sister.
As usual, to see a bigger picture or a description, just click on the item to view it in the shop.

As Christmas colours, red and gold
are always great, they never get old.
Festive, cheerful and bright
always a wonderful sight.
Wherever you look, there`s cheer
most are happy, that`s clear.
As it gets closer, they`ll up the pace
with maybe a frown on the odd face
as panic starts to set in
and they wonder if they`ll ever win.
The countdown is ticking away
getting closer every day
racing past in a frenetic tide
taking us all along for the ride.
For two very busy days of fun
and then this year it`ll all be done!!

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Hope you enjoyed today`s stunning red and gold display from the shops of Etsy.
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  1. You sound as though you have great fun with your grandchildren Linda and I am sure you provide a lot of inspiration for their creations. Thanks so much for featuring my treasury as it is one of my favourites too (that fairy - those SHOES!!!) and I hope other people enjoy it too. Pat xxx

  2. Thanks for posting Pat's exquisite treasury! Love red and gold and needle felting!!! Have a great day. Katie

  3. Thank you featuring my plates! Have a lovely holiday season ;) Love those shoes! Cheers from Berlin, Timea