Pink #Etsy

A change of pace from the vibrant greens, reds and golds of Christmas. Today we are slowing it down a little with some pastel shades of Pink.
Everything looks pretty in pink. Always reminds too of the saying, Pink makes the boys wink. Not quite sure why it should but apparently it does. Maybe though it`s a thing of the past.
I made a little snowman hanging decoration by needle felting, I even took some pics, although they weren`t very good, but didn`t get as far as listing him. I have noticed so often that it`s very difficult to take photos of white objects, especially against a light background. I may have to retake the snowman pics against a pastel coloured background.
As usual, to see a bigger picture or a description, just click on the item to view it in the shop.

As I sit in this warm glow
the temperature outside is low
I hear the rain pitter patter
but it really doesn`t matter
as I sit and wait for the dawn
bringing the light of the new morn.
Now the sky has a spark of light
as we say goodbye to the night.
A slow beginning to the day
as the sun comes out to play.
Then it appears in a blaze of glory
to start the new days story!!

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Hope you enjoyed today`s delicious display of perfectly pink creations from the shops of Etsy.
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  1. What a gorgeous selection of pinks! Thank you for including my earrings :)