Pink & Blue #Etsy

Today we have a complete change of pace with Pink and Blue. This time of year we tend to expect bold and bright with red, green and white as the prominent colours. We have been been very festive and will continue to be so but now and again I like to surprise you with something different.
I was asked yesterday, by a friend I was out with, if I have started my Christmas shopping yet and I said no. But thinking about it, that`s not strictly true. I do have one present so far and know what I am going to get for 2 others, so that is a start.
I had coffee out with a friend yesterday, as I said, we did some shopping and then had lunch together, it was really nice to slow down and have a complete change of pace.
Definitely getting colder now, with the threat of wintery weather to come. I believe Arctic has been mentioned. Brrrr!!
As usual, to see a bigger picture or a description, just click on the item to view it in the shop.

Just a sniffle that became a sneeze
just light, like a passing breeze.
The next was more like a gale
cheeks like a ship under full sale.
The third was a fully fledged storm
oh dear me, far from the norm.
First the heat, then the cold
next aching bones and feeling old.
Hammers pounding in my head
think I`d rather be in bed.
But NO, I`m a woman and strong,
though honestly, I could be wrong.
Too much sneezing, my poor sore nose
it`s starting to look like a red rose.
I`ll put my feet up, have a little rest
BIG yawn, yes I think that`s best!!

Vintage Copeland Spode Itali...

Pink Baby Beanie, Mitten and...

Sock yarn hand dyed merino a...

Pink Beaded Bookmark - Bookm...

Pink Rose vintage ceramic br...

Blue Cat Pin Handmade Porcel...


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Ring Dish Handmade Dove Jewe...

Pink tassel ear plugs, Break...

Vintage Fabric Retro mouse ,...

Fingerless Gloves Wrist Warm...

Pink Doll Nightie Fuzzy Paja...

Cupcake Soap - Blueberry Soa...

Monogram Initial Wall Decor ...

Decorative Tall Blue Glass B...

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Hope you enjoyed today`s beautiful display of pink and blue creations from Etsy.
Thanks for visiting, please come back soon.


  1. Oh dear, hope your cold is better soon and your poor nose is back to normal! There are some beautiful items in your blog today: something for everyone I think. I've started my Christmas shopping too but was in need of this inspiration. Thanks so much for including my Spode Italian breakfast trio - I'm off to get my caffeine boost now!

    1. Thank you Pat. The cold isn`t really that bad, a bit of poetic licence there.

  2. oohhhh that poem sounds just like the way I was last week lol It is definitely chillier today! You have picked some very pretty items for the pink and blue theme....

    1. The poem was more how my hubby`s cold was, mine wasn`t as bad. Thank you Trish, glad you like the theme.

  3. Thank you Linda..... rather late with my appreciation for what you do so hopefully the cold has gone :)