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Right now I am feeling very virtuous about keeping up my blogging and happy that I am fitting it in so well around everything else.
The only trouble with writing so many rhymes all the time is that after a while you catch yourself thinking in rhyme a lot. Have to say that it can be quite annoying. For example I will be on the bus admiring all the colours of the leaves on the trees we pass and next thing I know I`m making up rhymes about them. It would be okay if I remembered them later but I don`t, it`s either write them down there and there or lose them.
A couple of days ago I was brandying the Christmas cakes and my grandaughter, who was making herself a sandwich at the time, wanted to know what the awful smell was. When she saw what I was doing she wanted a go too so I let her make holes in the bottom of the second cake for me to add the brandy. She was fascinated at how it was done and in years to come will probably be doing the same thing.
I think traditions are lovely at any time but even more so at Christmas.
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The day began so grey and wet
dismal, dreary, dark and yet
now, blue sky, bright and sunny
but outside it`s not funny.
The wind has a real bite
and walking is quite a fight.
Leaves blowing everywhere
as trees shed without a care.
Winter has appeared today
and it seems is here to stay.
I suppose we`ve not done so bad
but it still seems rather sad
to have endless winter days ahead
so dark we want to stay in bed.
But then bright days appear
and the doldrums will clear
as we regain the zest for life
forgetting all the winter strife!!

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Hope you enjoyed today`s gorgeous array of gorgeous gift ideas from Etsy.
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  1. Cake with Brandy...YUM!
    Thanks again for featuring my cuff links. And I love your poems :)

  2. Thanks for featuring my bunny hat, you are very talented to be able to write poetry, creative writing was never my thing, I always found it so hard at school!

  3. I so miss making and feeding Christmas cake but alas, nobody likes it in my house.
    Thanks for the feature :)

  4. Thanks for the inclusion in your lovely xmas gift list! Have made mincemeat, filled and eaten (with some help) 24 pies. On to the next batch.

  5. So lovely that you are making your own Christmas cakes and passing on your skills to your grandchildren. This should make Christmas more special in these commercial times. I'd love to go back to the Christmases we had when I was a child when there was magic to be found everywhere! Thanks so much for featuring my tablecloth in your blog and bringing a little magic back!

  6. Thanks so much Linda - beautiful choices as always!