First Noel #Etsy

This came from a treasury challenge of traditional Christmas Carols. A very novel idea I thought, although in recent years classic pop songs about Christmas seem to have become part of it all too. Must admit I do love all the Christmas songs, old and new, they make everything feel so Christmassy.
I like that word but I`m not even sure it`s an actual word, not that it`s ever stopped me before. Made up words can be great fun I always think.
Just think I could do a whole series of Christmas carol blogs, as long as I can find the items to go in them that are in keeping with the theme. Certainly worth a thought methinks.
As usual, to see a bigger picture or a description, just click on the item to view it in the shop.

Stars all out, the moon so bright
casting it`s lovely silvery light.
The darkness of the velvet sky
giving way, as morning is nigh.
Now the fingers of morning creep in
to miss all this would be a sin.
The sky is edged with a golden hue
so gorgeous against the pure blue.
I wait in great anticipation
for nature`s celebration
of night turning into day
as the sun comes out to play!!

Noel Wooden Houses

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Pair of Cute Christmas Lambs

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STAR GLITTER Headband 5,5cm ...

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Embroidered Fleece Baby Blan...

table decorations christmas ...

Small Acrylic Painting. Star...


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Hope you enjoyed today`s gorgeous array of creations from Etsy.
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  1. Thank you for including my table decorations. These finds are all gorgeous.I love the wooden houses the best.

  2. the little wooden houses are my favourite too! Years of working in retail meant listening to Christmas songs from October which really makes you hate them, the last few years however have worked from home ...means xmas songs are heard at xmas only lol lol