Needle Felting Fun

Going for something completely different today. I`m going to write a bit about what I`ve been doing lately and my new skill I`m perfecting.
Now you know that I`ve been needle felting for a while, making textile art pictures and turning them into sewing cases, pincushions and lavender bags too when I get the sewing machine out again. I confess to having a pile of pictures ready to be sewn, not my favourite task.
Here they are, although I think there are more safely put away, I`m sure I`ll come across them.
Last year I had a go at needle felting sculpture. After a few false starts I came up with this angel. I kept going until it was finished although I wasn`t happy with it. I may well try and improve it.
The wings were fine, the body could be better but the face wasn`t right and I could have done with some curly wool for the hair. Ah well.

So then last Saturday, after seeing needle felted animals during the week, I decided to have a go once more. I started off with the intention of making a sheep and instead made a polar bear. That was even before I realised I still didn`t have any curly wool. I had made a start doing a basic shape with wire and then found myself looking at pictures of polar bears on google. Ooops.
Uniquely Your Designs, 006
I even did the pads on his paws.
Uniquely Your Designs, 013
I was quite pleased with the way he turned out.

I love making a new creation
it`s always a cause for celebration.
Nothing like trying the new,
so engrossed, never feel blue.
Once I`ve started I cannot rest
however much it puts me to the test.
I`ll try and then do it again
until it nearly sends me insane.
I`m stubborn and won`t be beat
I tend to pause only to eat.
When I began the polar bear
I started blithely without a care.
Then it got tricky and trickier still
but I was held there by sheer will.
I had to add every single detail
include it all without fail.
Now I can say long and loud,
of this polar bear I`m proud!!

Then Sunday I started another polar bear, a bigger one, determined that this would be much better. Being bigger though it was taking much longer and eventually I stopped and left it to finish later.
Then I got up yesterday morning and decided I wanted to make a robin. Quite why a robin I don`t know. So first I made a frame, probably bigger than I should. I wanted it to look realistic didn`t really stop to think it would be bigger than they really are.
Which meant of course that it took a very long while, most of the day, just to get to this point. Hmmmm.

Hope you enjoyed today`s walk through my needle felting sculpture adventures.
Thanks for visiting, please come back soon.