A Catch Up

Hello to you all.

I know it`s a bit of a shock not to have the daily blog but at the minute I`m all blogged out. It`s a never ending task that I push myself to do each day and takes a minimum of a couple of hours to do and that`s without the promotional aspect. Not much point doing a blog to show off other people`s wonderful crafts and then not promoting it, otherwise they wouldn`t be seen by as many people.

I am doing a lot of other stuff at the minute, like improving my shops, new patterns/tutorials and getting into needle felting sculptures.
It is also the school holidays so I am spending time with my grandchildren, having fun and trying to encourage a new generation of crafter`s.

I will start again, maybe by the end of August when we will all be looking towards Autumn and that big occasion coming up rapidly.... you know which one. Should I whisper it? No, CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!

Was feeling weary and constantly tired
need to slow down a brain always wired.
That races along a mile a minute
with so many different things in it.
Then every day I write a new verse
sometimes they seem to get worse and worse.
See the only trouble with writing a rhyme
is that I start thinking in verse all the time.
Quite an annoying habit you see
especially when I just want to BE!!!

Keep an eye out for links in case I start again sooner. Every so often I will do a little update.

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