Pinterest #HowTo

Today I thought I would share something I just learnt.
Have you got Pinterest? Have you tried to add a website or your blog site to Pinterest and get it verified and then like me, failed miserably?
When the ability to link your website appeared on Pinterest I decided to add mine. After all, how hard could it be? With step by step instructions it should be a doddle. Right? Biiig sigh. Wrong!
I have learnt a lot of stuff over the last two and a half years I have been selling online, but anything too technical leaves me floundering. I am, however, stubborn.
I followed instructions, nothing. Tried both lot`s of instructions, still nothing. I kept going back and having another go and getting nowhere. It was infuriating.
Then yesterday afternoon, logging onto blogger, near the top of the blogs I follow, the reading list, I read the start of an interesting post, with this picture.

Naturally I had to know more.
I followed the link to a blogsite 2justByou and from there to Pinterest

..... and then, via the above picture link, onto Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom. Which is where the clear and concise instructions with pictures are.

It all sounds alot more convoluted than it actually was, where in reality it was click, read, click, read, click. Start to read and AH HA!!
I confess it still took me a few goes back and forth, between my blog and the instructions. Finally though I got it. The penny dropped and light dawned!! It really was easy once I understood.
Now my blog is verified on my Pinterest. I hope you`ll find this information as useful as I did.
It was one of those coincidences that happened just at the right moment. I had a blog to write for today, the post just happened to be near the top of my reading list with a picture that caught my attention and it hadn`t been very long ago that I had been having another attempt at verifying my site on Pinterest.
It`s all kind of odd as I had been thinking of doing a blog about pivotal moments and in a small way this one was. Something else achieved and ticked off the list.

I`d tried so often and very hard
all so much harder than being a bard.
I find them simple, daily rhymes
though even for me there are times
when there is nothing in my head
and I feel pretty much brain dead.
The technical stuff is not my thing
usually a headache is all it will bring.
Just occasionally the bulb will light
not usually much of a pretty sight.
If I try and the instructions are clear
with the aid of a stress ball somewhere near
if I`m lucky I can just about cope
and finally achieve what I hope.
A great moment with no one to care
not really interested in what I share.
But that`s okay they`re not being mean
in all this stuff they just aren`t keen!!

Hope you enjoyed today`s info, waffle and verse.
Thanks for visiting, please come back soon.

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  1. Will have to read up on this Linda.
    I can't verify mine either but assumed it was because it was a Folksy shop.

    Will have another go and see if I can work it out.

    Shirley x