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I decided to continue with the help and advice today, mainly because I was running out of time and I had already half done this blog ahead of time.

As I said yesterday it is important to build back links in as many places as possible. The bigger your presence, the more chance you have of people finding you and the products they want.

Personally I have found it very useful to discover sites and have the links provided, especially if there is a little bit about it as well. It does take the hard work out of it all. It can be very time consuming doing the detective work yourself.

Alot of these are sites I already have a presence on. A lady on Facebook once said `that wherever she went I was already there` on the internet that is. At the time I wasn`t sure how to take it but now I know it was a great compliment.

craftjuice.com A very good site to join. You can add as many of your items as you wish. They get a lot of coverage on this site and are often added to their facebook page. People vote on your items and those with the most votes are added to an e-mail that gets sent out to a big mailing list.

Picsity.com I another good site. You can set it up with your shop name, logo etc and add items from shop or website with links. People follow each other and like, click, collect and view each others items.

Twitter.com I wasn`t going to include twitter but decided I might as well for those not on there yet. It`s a very good platform to show off your wares but you do need to interact with your followers too. A long line of links can be boring so you need to find something to capture people`s imagination and make them firstly, want to follow and secondly, not only want to keep following, but to be interested enough to look at the links you post. Treated right this can be an excellent site for widening the scope of your name/brand and getting sales.

www.wanelo.com This will ask if you want to join through Facebook, click yes and then on the next part cancel. That way your facebook won`t be tied to it. It is a good site for getting shop views and you can add whenever and whatever you wish. Obviously the more you add the more interest you have. Adding other people`s can add more variety which also fosters more interest.

Digg.com is apparently more of a search engine site that you add links to. It is popular as a news site also I think. Again very worthwhile, remembering that the more back links you have the better it is for your business.

Delicious.com A site you can join, set up a profile with your business name and a shop or website link. You can add pages, items or shop links, your own or other peoples.

Probably enough for today. Too many to go through can be very off putting I always found, much better to have them in small doses and be able to get through those than have a long list you look through and get put off by.

Happy hunting. I hope you are finding these useful in helping your business to become as successful as possible.

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Just so I don`t forget how to make up verse,
oops almost did, couldn`t be much worse

Couldn`t resist a bit of a ditty
I`ll even try to make it witty.
But don`t hold your breath on that
and please don`t eat your hat.
Oh dear this rhyme is going bad
have to say that that is really sad.
Take a deep breathe, try to do better
try to pretend I`m writing a letter.
But then it could end up miles long
dearie me it`s all going terribly wrong.
Just one day of not writing a rhyme
and they have all faded back into time.
Think I`ll stop there before it goes too far
though maybe it had, it`s rather bizarre!!

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