Home again!

Well that`s it then! Holiday over, home again and back to normal. Well sort of. I`m wading through the 10227 e-mails that appeared in my absence. Oh dear!
I am however winning the fight. Consequently this will be short and sweet.
I met some wonderful people on my travels and learnt alot. I believe that we meet people for a reason and learn much by listening and exchanging views.
I also learnt to slow down and hope that lesson will stay with me. Right now it feels as though I`ve slowed too much as I`m having trouble getting back into gear. Once I do though I then have trouble slowing down again and keeping a balance. Tut tut!!
I did expect to have written some new patterns but never got that far. The most I managed was to write some verse.

There was so much relaxing
with nothing more taxing
than trying to choose
or even harder, refuse
to eat too much of the amazing array
that was spread before us every day.
A walk on deck in the sea air
gazing at the water without a care.
As we came to a port, seeing land
a life on the waves, just grand.
Always such cheerful staff
always ready to have a laugh.
Happy too, to have a chat
exchanging views on this and that.
So many people to sit and watch
such diversity, a real hotch potch.
So many countries that whizzed by
now I remember and sit and sigh.

These are images from the web of the some of the places I visited. I haven`t sorted through my photos yet. We visited some amazing places. Russia. Sweden, Estonia, Demnmark, Finland ...........
A quick update on my travels until I get more organised.

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