Light and the Torch #Etsy

Apparently today we are talking about Light. For many it will still mean something you turn on when it`s dark, a torch, daylight etc etc. Well I could go on but I won`t, you get the gist.
This is really for those that know Light isn`t just those things. That lightness is something we strive for in mind and spirit as well as very often body.
Why do we struggle with body? The only reason is advertising. Years ago the fashion bodywise was to be rubenesque, rounder and plumper. Now it seems to be as skinny as possible regardless how it affects your health. Too thin can be as unhealthy as over weight. If you eat healthily in the main and get regular exercise, even if it`s walking round the shops and feel good, stop worrying about it. It`s something we all need to see the light over. We are all different and unique in our own way and Perfect too. Why should we conform to an ideal? Do we want to be clones? Of course not. Celebrate the diversity, see the light and be free.
Light comes from within. We`ve all seen people who seem to carry an aura of light with them. We tend to be drawn to such people. They are calm and serene, bright and cheerful, always helping and brightening our lives.
I think it`s reached by being at peace with yourself, being content with what you have and realising that the people in your life are so much more important than things.

The Olympic torch has been making it`s way around Britain, to great interest and very large crowds. They all turn out to see this inspirational light and are rediscovering patriotism. It`s amazing to feel the great swell of enthusiasm and excitement at the witnessing of a little bit of history.
I`ve included pictures of lights, the Northern lights and and a few patriotic pics just because there is such a huge upswelling of patriotic fervour at the minute. There are some of course who aren`t interested and that is of course, their choice. Personally I think it`s wonderful that something like this can bring people together again. We all need things that make us feel good and get people talking. Once you have chatted a while that person is no longer a stranger.
It`s the same with the Jubilee celebrations. Neighbours began to really talk to each other and get to know one another as they planned street parties etc. So much better than the nod or hello in passing without getting to know someone. It`s a start in getting back to the way things used to be, where people look out for each other and become a community.
As usual, to see a bigger picture or a description, just click on the item to view it in the shop.

So many are beginning to see the light
understanding that life can be bright.
What could be better than feeling good
enjoying life as we really should.
Changing our lives and how we think
at times can really stink.
We all tend to resist change
not wanting to step outside the range
of all we know, the comfort zone.
Change can really make us moan.
We move along in well worn tracks
complaining of all that life lacks.
We`d like it all done without trying
see, I can already hear you sighing.
Baby steps, just one at a time
like the lines in this rhyme.
Life is really meant to be fun
not exhausting with much to be done.
We think that we need so much
but no, all we need is the touch
of those we love, a hug, a smile
and it makes everything worthwhile!

A couple of pics I took when the flame came to Norwich and we went to see it. The first is the police rider who stopped and reached out for my grandsons Olympic torch his parents made for him for school. After saying it was the best he had seen he held it up for all to see. My 5 year old grandson was thrilled. The second was part of the parade. Unfortunately I missed pics of the actual flame and carrier as someone next to me stepped out to take a pic as I took mine. Shame but that`s the way it goes.
Marwincraft. SkyBird111Fineart.
Dixie Dreams. Bomobob.

Earlofoval. Chillies And Lavender.
Butters and Bubbles. Well Dressed Cupcakes.

Hope you enjoyed todays gorgeous array of light and patriotic crafts from the wonderful sellers of Etsy.
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