What inspires Creativity

I thought I would talk about crafting today. Well about ideas and where they come from.
I have been very fortunate in that department as I never seem, so far, to run out of ideas. I only have to see yarn and that`s it, I`m off.
The colours, the feel and just everything about it really. To begin with I don`t see a specific item. I`ll just know that I have to have a particular yarn.
When I get it home I often have a job to stop myself starting on it straight away. Then when I do begin, I`ll have a vague idea of what I want to make but very often it will end up as something different.
When I am trying to work out something new it can be a pain as I will be trying to sleep and my brain keeps coming up with ways and means instead.
Occasionally I get ideas when I see something already made, it may be the colour or the shape that attracts me. Then I will be thinking that`s nice but.... I could remove that, add that, change something else and once more an idea is born.
It can be tricky as I don`t use patterns. I sometimes think it would make life easier to be able to follow one and then I take a look and change my mind. They all look so complicated.
I did follow one pattern and that was for baby bootees for a friend of my daughters. I have made four pairs now and each time the pattern seems equally complicated. Perhaps it`s just me.
Actually, I know it`s me. Having never used them previously I find it a pain to follow instructions, or rather to keep having to check the instructions.
I prefer to do it by instinct. I do however keep telling myself to write down a basic outline of things I make but somehow never get around to it. So I carry it all in my head... not so good when you haven`t made something for a year and someone wants one. Ooops.
Mind you at least I can genuinely say each one is unique, mainly because it is.
I do often find that talking to someone, who is interested, about what I`m making can inspire ideas too. Especially if they suggest ideas and then it will often grow from there. It`s very good for creativity to talk out ideas and where a particular design is going. Very often, you not only end up with that particular one, but other ideas too sparked by the one being made.

Crafting is the breath of life
though sometimes causing much strife.
I constantly get new ideas
allaying drying up fears.
Too many always fill my head
even when I`m in my bed.
They whirl around in my brain
until I think I`ll go insane.
But all is worked out in my mind
the simplest way too, I find.
Nothing like finishing a new design
and knowing that it looks so fine.
I take yarn everywhere I go
even on the train, you know.
I sit and crochet and chat
about what I do and this and that.
People often want to know
how I can do it on the go.
I can`t go without my trusty hook
even if it makes folk look.
It makes a journey pass so quick
and I`m soon there lickety split!!

These first three are from a scarf, collar or neckwarmer. I went to Switzerland visiting my daughter and while we there saw, in a shop window, a knitted scarf that has one end slotted through the other. There are lot`s on offer on many sites I have seen since then. But at the time I wondered if I couldn`t crochet something like it. I didn`t want that same style, just something that worked in a similiar way, ie: slotted through to hold it in place.
I had taken yarn with me... surprise, surprise and I got to work. I was very pleased with the end result and thought it was comfortable and warm. It could also be looser and away from the neck a bit or close and snug if the weather warranted it.
These two are of a ruffled scarf but I wanted it to be a bit more luxurious as the gorgeous yarn seems to warrant it. I had seen the odd ruffled scarf about before I made the first one, but had no idea how to make it, that`s when not being able to follow patterns is a pain. But I was making something else entirely one day when it just popped into my head and I had a go. I did a couple and then hadn`t made anymore until this yarn came along and it just seemed to fit it.

Hope you enjoyed the change of pace today, it makes a nice change to do something different.
Thank you very much for visiting, I hope you come back soon.

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