Musings, Waffle and Crafting.

Today is a bit of a waffle day, a round up of the week and anything I can think of to complain about.
I`ve been lucky enough to spend lot`s of time with my youngest grandson this week. He is such a character and so cute and always so good, with such a cheeky smile.
All my grandchildren are of course gorgeous and very special unique people. I am not biased at all. Honest.
I was thinking about feelings the other day after hearing a conversation and thinking how much we hide our feelings as a matter of course. Someone unthinkingly says something that really hurts but we say nothing or gloss over it, then go home and cry. Because it wasn`t addressed it never goes away, just continues to hurt as we revisit the pain over and over again.
When we stop to think about it logically, the chances are that the other person was totally unaware of the nature of their utterance. Therefore those words weren`t meant to harm or damage. If we can make ourselves believe as well as understand that difference, the pain can heal and we can move on.
That is of course easier said than done. We are all human and at low points our minds tend to revisit old hurts and make us feel even worse. In the middle of the night, the darkest hours before dawn, it tends to be near impossible to think logically as our minds spiral into misery.
The time to mend those old pains and memories is in the daylight hours. Spend some quiet time alone, think about each incident one at a time. Examine it, recall the circumstances, then try to take a step back and look at it from different angles. Very often those things said weren`t deliberate, more unthinking. If you realise that much, then you realise that the other person hasn`t given that incident another thought in all that time, because they don`t recall it in the same way as you. It`s all about perception.
If you can get yourself to see the event from a different perspective it loses it`s power. You realise that what you had been obsessing over all this time was actually not meant in the way it was perceived.
This of course is not true of every occurrence, but when examined is true of many.
If you can change the perspective on old hurts they no longer have power over you. Once done with one the rest are so much easier, as always the first takes the longest and is the hardest. Worth a try.
Also worth realising that we ourselves have probably unknowingly caused the same pain and if nothing is said we continue on blithely unaware, not knowing that a simple explanation could prevent years of sadness. When you look at it that way it also gives another perspective.
With every one living longer, that`s a lot of past events that no longer have the power to cause angst, plus a mind that feels a lot lighter.

I have been making some new things in the last few days, an idea I had that I thought might be good.
I have found that flannels nowadays seem to fall apart so quickly and soap seems to vanish just as fast. So I saw a bag that said it was natural and made the soap last longer. I thought to myself that I could crochet a bag to hold soap that you then use to wash with, using 100% cotton of course. Then I decided that it didn`t look much alone so I decided to crochet a flannel or facecloth out of the same cotton, to match. Time will tell if people think they are any good.
On Folksy we were doing a few rhymes about the sales fairy absence from some shops. So for fun I shall add them.

Sales fairy sales fairy, where art thou?
Are you hiding under a bough?
Are you hiding in a deep dark wood
knowing that you really should
be busy rushing and sprinkling
fairy dust so shop bells are tinkling.
You really are being rather remiss
perhaps I can entice you with a kiss?
No? Then maybe with a cookie
so customers come for a look see.
Our shops are sadly gathering dust
so it`s time, I really think you must
dust off your wand and each wing
because sales will make us all sing.
We have chocolate, cake or even wine
guaranteed we`ll treat you just fine.
If only you`ll come and sprinkle that dust
I have to say it`s past time and a MUST!!

Sales fairy it seems you pique
our interest then fly off to seek
pastures new. Come right back here
we`ve got lots and none too dear.
We have all that you need
and we need cash to feed
our very real crafting addiction.
I`m telling you, it`s not fiction.
It`s time for you to get in gear
before you get a kick up the rear.
Time to stop fiddling your thumbs
and get off your collective bums.
We want sales and want them now
cos we`re all ready to plow
it all right back into stock
and don`t want to get into hock.
Just 1 sale brings fun and laughter
and happiness ever after.
Two or more would be divine
and we`d think that so very fine!

The top 4 pics are two sets already finished and the bottom pics as you can see is a nearly finished set. I shall be offering the set with a choice of the soap too.

Hope you enjoyed todays musings and waffle. Please come back soon.


  1. This is very true! I have learnt to look at things from the other person's perspective. It really does help. Once I realise someone's intention, it makes things a lot easier to deal with if they've upset me. Love your soap bags - great idea:) Vic x

  2. It`s amazing what a difference a different perspective can make.
    Glad you like the soap bags, am hoping that lots will.