Chat, A RanT and Believe!!

Believe... such a simple word with a wealth of meaning. Nowadays its seen on so much mass produced merchandise that it has started to lose it`s meaning.
What does it mean to you?
A word you say but don`t think about?
Or does it have a deeper meaning?

There is so much that I believe in that cannot be seen. Things I have learnt, seen and experienced for myself. Some say daft things like `Prove it`. I don`t need to, I have nothing to prove. I don`t push my beliefs on others and expect the same courtesy in return.
I don`t believe in any of the religions, but for those that do, then it is good if it makes them happy.
`If you can`t see it then it doesn`t exist` seems to be a firm belief for many. But if you consider that statement, it isn`t logical. You can`t see your brain, yet we all assume it is there. Thoughts can`t be seen, yet they are real.

I also think that when you believe in something strongly and think about it a lot then you bring more of the same into your life.
Unfortunately this works for bad stuff as well as good. We have all seen it. When one thing after another goes wrong, the bills pile up and it seems it will never end. That`s because the more you think about how awful it all is, the more that happens in the same vein.
Likewise when things are going well, you tend to be happy and think good positive thoughts that bring even more good things into your life.

Now I`ll have a bit of a rant!!
Weight loss is big business. Fact. These same big businesses don`t want you to lose weight and keep it off otherwise what would happen to their business. We`ve all seen it, the ads for the latest quick fix. Just pay a small fortune and you are guaranteed to lose x amount of pounds in a matter of weeks.
What happens when it doesn`t work? Well naturally it`s your fault. You are made to feel you have done something wrong and therefore it isn`t the product it`s you. Is this true? NO, it`s totally false.
It makes me angry that advertisers make people feel they aren`t good enough and that only their products will restore your life.
I went to click on something as an advert popped up. Yep, you guessed it, a miracle weight loss programme!!! I can pop pills, full of heaven only knows what and lose pounds almost instantly. Oh but it`s okay because they assure me it`s all natural. Hmmm. Do I Believe that? Nope, not for a minute.
There we are back to believing again.
If all advertising was stopped and people believed in themselves again the world would be so different. People would be happier for a start. They would no longer need to work such long hours for the latest `must have` product or holiday. They would all spend more time together, helping and take responsibilty for themselves and each other.
All of this of course is my own opinion. It is up to each person to make up their own mind on what they do or don`t believe. But all beliefs should be a choice not something brainwashed into you by anyone.

I believe, how about you?
If you don`t, what to do?
Look around, read, make a choice
and then let`s hear your voice.
We all have opinions and that`s a right.
If you don`t like mine, fine, I don`t bite.
we all have the right to choose
and even speak of our views.
We shouldn`t insist others conform
to what we consider is the norm.
For some are happy with a freer lifestyle
and why not if it makes them smile.
Others like everything to be just so
each thing in it`s place makes them glow.
It`s each to their own, it`s their life
be it happy or filled with strife.
No one has the right to take choice away
we should each make those every day.
The way we eat and what we wear
whether we have long or short hair.
What we put in our bodies is up to us
no government or body should make a fuss.
No one should tell us how to live
or even to help others, how much to give.
Our lives have become run by rules
because some seem to think we are fools.
So take back your choice, make up your own mind
better to make your own mistakes, I find!!

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We all need to take back our power and believe in ourselves more so that our journey through life is of our own choosing and our lives are what we make them.
Thank you for visiting and please do come back soon.


  1. Very nice post, constructive and well thought out. We create our world from the thoughts, feelings and emotions of our heart. We are creator beings, however we have lost the true connection to self.

    In Lak'ech, prosper in truth live in love...

  2. An amazing post today, made me feel so much better enjoying being me. I really loved the poem --- Thank you for making my day better today!

  3. What a lovely post, I did enjoy your rant there and totally agree.

    Whenever I see someone struggle with the advertisers 'opinion' on weight issues I always think of the lovely Karen Carpenter - I am lucky enough not to know anyone who has suffered so.

  4. Thank you Christopher your comments are much appreciated.

    Thank you Linda, I`m glad it helped and that you enjoyed it.

    Thank you @SimJaTa glad you enjoyed it. I do believe that the advertisers and the big corporations that feed off the misery of others will soon be part of the past.

  5. Thank you so much for the very important post, and reflections. This is always key, to believe in oneself and thank you for the feature as well. Really lovely pieces of work featured. Hope you are well. Wishing you a very happy June. xx