Waffle, Tips and the odd Whinge!

I think we`ll just have a bit of a chat today. A round up of the week, maybe a whinge and an odd tip as well.
It`s been a busy week with enquiries about hats and shoe clips. So I was busily making an assortment of hats and then red flowers for shoe clips. So far it`s the crocheted flower shoe clips that are the most popular.
The beret I made was bought very quickly. The gentleman wanted a particular colour that I had made before, unfortunately I hadn`t seen any since. I let him know this and he suggested colours he liked. I busily started making then quite by chance discovered some of the original yarn in a shop. I bought it of course and rushed home to start making. I was delighted he liked it.
The shoe clips sold in minutes which really surprised me. The lady bought them even before I let her know they were there. I had tweeted them as a matter of course. Another successful creation. It really makes my day when someone likes something I have made enough to buy it.
So the tip from this is: don`t dismiss what seems to be just an enquiry. Do what you can to fulfill their wishes. I suggest I make some and they can see if they like it or not, then let them know when they are done. I usually make a few so there is choice. They don`t go to waste as they can still be put in the shops.
I have so many ideas bubbling in my head which is typical. The most ideas always come when you don`t have enough time to keep up with everything.
So I have decided that I must write them down and will find a really nice notebook that I have about here somewhere and start adding things to it.
The trouble with most ideas is that if you don`t act on them, when you really need them they have vanished into the ether.
The tip here is to keep a note of all ideas, however vague, for the times when you can`t think what to make.
Let me see now, do I have any whinge`s this week? I don`t think so apart from needing more hours in a day.
I will have a whinge about having to go onto the city twice in one week. I wouldn`t mind but the bus goes all around the houses and takes forever to get there. Then once you get there people get in your way. Most annoying if you are in a hurry, which I usually am.
I expect that happens to you as well. People stop dead in front of you and it takes some manouvering so you don`t mow them down. Or several decide to have a meeting and take up the whole pavement. I mean... don`t they have anything better to do?
Okay.... I feel better now. Nothing like a good whinge to perk you up.

We make connections every day
more than we can know or say.
An exchange of words or a smile
it makes living so worthwhile.
The internet makes the world seem small
vast distances nothing at all.
We exchange chat and make new friends
and all of this certainly lends
itself to making a community
as we cross barriers with impunity.
We are all one and the same
in this life that`s one big game.
Just do your bit everyday
we help each other on our way.
Give to others a little sunshine
to help make their lives fine.
We all touch lives in many ways
helping others have good days.
Then when your day is done
you`ll know it was good as well as fun!

The first beret I made after the enquiry about a beret with the pattern on it.
The beret I managed to find more of the particular yarn the customer liked.
One of the hats I made after an enquiry.
These are the red shoe clips I made after a customer saw the cream ones I`d made and enquired if I had any red ones.

Hope you enjoyed this blog today. Mkaes a change to have something a bit different.
Thanks for visiting, please come back soon.

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  1. I love the blue of the second hat. I like the little bits of pink peaking through :)