#Saturday`s Waffle Light & Happiness

Funny how the most ordinary things set off a train of thoughts. Actually even that`s funny, because it was a train that started this line of thought. A tube train to be precise, in London.
I was returning from my visit to Milton Keynes, standing on the tube, when suddenly I noticed. As we went through a tunnel the train lights shone out breaking up the darkness that still lingered at the edges of the light.
It struck me, all of a sudden, that there are people like that.
Then I had the thought that there are many shining their light in isolation, more like a torch light, not very big.
Then the thought struck me that all of these givers of light need to join together, because together many small lights make a very bright light that stretches far and wide.
Does this sound daft? It was more odd because I have done that trip so many times and never even really noticed like that.
It just struck me as very profound at the time. Mainly because we need more brightness in the world.
There are many people right now who are trying to make others understand that it is time for us all to do something to help our planet and each other.
Slowly but surely they are finding each other and supporting one another in giving out this message.
Do you wonder why there are so many spiritual/paranormal/message programmes on at the moment? Not only that, they are growing in numbers. There are more books than ever before to help people move forwards, to find their own truths and what they feel is important for them to grow as people.
So many of us are tired of big companys that tell us what we should wear and eat. How we should think. They tell us that we will only be happy if we are working endless hours a day to buy the latest `Must Have` mass produced rubbish.
We see it in newspapers, magazines, TV, at bus stops on the sides of buildings etc, etc. I could go on but you get the picture.
They don`t say `Go Home and be with your family`. They don`t say `Enjoy what you have`. No it`s all `have more, get more, buy more and then you`ll be happy`.
Anyone notice that the day of happiness never actually arrives?
So many people right now feel they are missing something in their lives and quite simply, it`s themselves.
They don`t have time or peace and quiet to sit and just be. We are constantly bombarded with noise and light, so it`s no wonder that we have lost the art of quiet contemplation. It`s the best way of truly knowing yourself and learning to like who you are.
No one needs the latest gadget or designer bag to look good. You are unique.
We shouldn`t feel we have to conform to someone else`s ideal of looks, body size or the way we live our lives.
It`s our life, to make mistakes, wrong turnings, to create as we see fit. Until eventually it is the perfect life for US. For each individual one of us.
We all make our own choices from what we eat and wear, to the way we choose to live our lives and in doing so, we create our world. We make it the world we are living in right now.
Not happy about that? Then change it! The simplest way is to change your perspective. If that doesn`t help, then start making changes. They don`t have to be big, just small changes, a little at a time. You`ll be surprised at the difference it can make.
Hmm... I seem to have waffled quite a lot. I think I`ll do a rhyme now.

There are those that give off a light
they seem to glow so very bright.
Always ready to lend a hand
even when they can barely stand.
They give of themselves so much
always helping and they touch
so many lives, healing each one
until all their strength is done.
Don`t just take, please do give
and help these wonderful people live
better lives knowing we care
and appreciate them being there.
We can all be part of the light
help others with a smile, what a sight.
We can join together and shine as one
until all the darkness is gone.
So always think positive things
gaze at the good till your heart sings.
Be free with your smiles everyday
share your happiness in every way.
All these things give off a light you see
making a better world for you and me!

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They are all items that for me have the feel good factor. The pictures all seem to have that certain something that is uplifting. The tealight with the flame just draws you in. The stacking blocks also mean something to me too. My grandaughter at age 2 and a half said those very words to me out of the blue one day and I was really touched.

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I hope you enjoyed my chat today and at the very least, that it gave you some food for thought.
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  1. Beautiful thoughts and beautiful choices Linda!

    Jen x

  2. Lovely Blog! Came over via Folksy thread, Zoe

  3. Thank you both, glad you enjoyed it.