Saturday`s Rant and Waffle!

Do I want to whinge or rant about anything? Hmm... not sure. I`m sure I`ll think of something in a while though.
Today my mind is on family. I am visiting another branch of family for the weekend and we`ll be spending time catching up and renewing the connections and close ties.
There it is again. Connections.
To me family are the most important of all the connections I will or are ever likely to make. It`s so easy to take them for granted. Often it`s only when it`s too late do we realise what we have missed out on.
When my father died I realised that there was so much about him that I didn`t know. We don`t think to ask or talk about the things that are important in the general hubbub of daily life.
In your daily rush and hurry don`t forget to hug your loved ones and tell them you love them, it`s so important and can mean so much. It will leave you both with a warm glow that lasts and lasts.

A bit of a Rant now:
When did it become acceptable for shops to keep customers waiting while they do other stuff? There is nothing more annoying than waiting in a queue, with very few staff on tills, and seeing self important staff walking round with clipboards. What is that about?
So many seem to forget that without customers they have no business! I have stood in queues and watched staff checking mobile phones. In one shop I waited in a queue while 3 staff clustered around the mobile phone of another, clearly having a hilarious time.
What is wrong with these shops that they no longer care about customer service? Why do they no longer properly train staff? Arrghh!
These very same shops wonder why more and more people are buying from the internet. Could this be that people are fed up with waiting in lengthy queues? Could it even be the lack of service?
What do you think?
Okay rant over. I feel much better now. So good to get stuff off your chest and then you can forget about it.
To be fair though I have also had excellent service in shops. There are people who go out of their way to help and are unfailingly polite regardless. So I won`t tar them all, shops, with the same brush.

This week I have been making some new scarves as I said the other day. They are based on an old design but I am enjoying the making as I do with anything new. It`s always more exciting and fun to come up with new things.
I have so many new ideas that I want to start making but not enough hours in the day to do them all. Like the bootees I made. Having made them I now have ideas for making different styles. I won`t need a pattern as I know how to do them now and can make variations of my own. The fun is in trying out the new ideas, however long they take.

I will try and think of a rhyme
that`s if I can find the time.
Always so busy rushing here and there,
enough to make me tear out my hair.
I need to slow down and take a break
then I won`t be so tired when I wake.
Lack of sleep is wearing me down
I seem to be wearing a permanent frown.
I need a Knight to whisk me away
even if it`s only for a day.
None about, I`ll go myself
better than dusting the shelf.
Family time catching up
we`ll be drinking many a cup
of tea and the odd glass of wine
what could be better, it`ll be fine.

Patience has been wearing thin
in these shops you just can`t win.
Long queues nearly out the door
what do they think staff are for?
All I want is to buy one thing
and hopefully I bring
it to the till and what a blow
a very long queue, Oh No!

These are what I have been working on.

This one is finished and needs to be photographed properly.
The main part of this one is almost finished and then I just need to add decorations like the one above.

Hope you enjoyed the waffle and rant and the previes of new makes.
Thank for visiting please come back soon.


  1. I love the colours you are working with for your new scarves.

    I hear you on bad sales assistants, i was in Primark the other day when i over heard 3 of them discuss another collegue and how she had got a STD from a one night stand. Not exactly something that should be discussed around customers.

    I hope you are sleeping better too! x x x

  2. Oh dear, that is awful. Thank goodness they aren`t all that bad.
    Thanks for the compliment too.