Hodge Podge Saturday

Think I shall have a soapbox, whinge or musing day or even all 3. I haven`t decided yet.
Hmm... now I have space for all these things I don`t know what to write or whinge about.
Ahh.... what about yesterdays blog?
Do you feel that all things British had been frowned upon in recent years, while we bend over backwards to accommadate all and sundry?
Finally with the events going on this year we can all be proud to be British and about time too.

I have had circles in my mind alot this week for some strange reason I have yet to uncover. Anyone recall the song? I think it may have been called Circles... not 100% sure though. It`s been used on an advert and before I went away I saw the ad a few times. Don`t know what it was for but the song is great. Anyway, this week I have had the song constantly popping into my head... I mean .... Why now?
Then I find myself making up poems around circles. Not a concious thing you understand, more a ... I`m concentrating on something and suddenly realise that part of my brain is making up rhymes about circles.
I suppose I am going to have to do something about Circles, a blog, a poem, anything, otherwise it will just sit there annoying me.

Now that I can have a whinge
I don`t know what to say.
Should I talk about a fringe
or maybe about a play?
What is it that really annoys me?
Just can`t think of anything.
Having this chance you see
just makes me want to sing.

I could talk about politicians
or maybe even magicians.
I think they are both the the same
into the producing tricks game.
I could mention that swearing
is something I find wearing.
So negative and producing clouds,
so toxic and usually loud.
If only life could be light and fluffy
instead of often dark and stuffy.
If only everyone could be nice
and no one had a single vice.
Would such a life be boring?
Okay, I can already hear you snoring!!

It would be boring with no pictures at all. So here we have my attempts at some baby boots. I was given a pattern and asked if I could make them.
For several minutes the heart went into overdrive as i started at this unfamiliar stuff. A pattern??? Much concentration produced things I could understand. I recognised some symbols.... whether they coincided with what I thought of as a treble and half treble is a different matter.
Being self taught can be a pain because so often the names given to stitches don`t mean anything or differs from what I call it.
Anyway, always up for a challenge, I gave it a try and these are the results.

They owner of the pattern has got twin girls, hence the need for two pairs. I shall have a go at some more very soon, they were quite fun.

Hope you enjoyed the change of format today. Thought it would be nice to do something different. Back to normal tomorrow.
Thank you for visiting, please come back soon.


  1. You mean "Like a circle in a spiral, like a wheel within a wheel" . If so it is called The windmills of your mind, and was the theme for the original Thomas Crowne Affair (with Steve McQueen). (Pop trivia queen!)

  2. That last comment was supposed to read "Do you mean"... I wasn't trying to tell you what to say:)

  3. Ahh, thank you. I`m never good with titles. I recall that now.