Oh dear me an even bigger oops now. Had done an explanatuon and a bit verse and then lost it all.Argghhh!it is not easy doing this on a phone. I did however want to explain what is going on. I lost my internet on Thursday afternoon due to an exchange problem. The four hours it was supposed to take was a lot longer. By yesterday morning there was still nothing but on the plus side I had a lovely chat with a lady from Sky. As i could't do anything online I went out and got myself a new phonr.
Which as it turns out was a very good move as you can see. I am learning to use it but find working with such a small screen hard going. But I am getting there. Mind you if I lose this lot like the last lot i wrote I won't be a happy bunny.
In fact I could even have a rip roaring tantrum.
then... The upshot is that alough the whole world got their internet back.ing tantrum and thats not a pretty sight let me tell you.
Anyway i think I am digressing as usual so back to the point. What was the point.......? Ahhh yes.. My lack of internet. I bet you are finding this totally riveting, aren't you. Helloooo...I think maybe you've fallen asleep...
I'm not sure how well this is going. It seems to jump about a bit, so there may well be some strange sentences. But don't worry about it...
Anyway i got off the point again. The point is that, although the whole world got their internet back, I didn' t. After a couple of hours on the phone to tech people and many tests I am no better off. Apparently I need a new router which will take 3-5 days to arrive. I know tha
ts not good but I will do my best to keep you entertained one way or another.
Aren't you the lucky ones.
I'm going to digress here for a mimute and tell you about this great box of gadgets i got with my phone. There was cleaning stuff...boring I know... Then there was this great little gadget that you put a battery in and if your fun gets low on battery you can use for an emergency top up.
Not sure how this is going to look but however weird its better than nothing I supoose.

I think this is in the middle
but i've lost the will to fiddle.
I couldn't find the end
and very soon this will send
Me completely daft you know
it's certainly not helping me grow
as aperson for the better
maybe it would if I couldfind that letter...
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger
but it sure doesn't help you live longer.
This is already driving me daft
it really is hard graft.
I am lucky the screen is largrr than most
else this blog really would be toast.
Now I think it's time to go
because I really ought to show
willing and get ready for work
because i wouldnt want to shirk.
Diligent as ever that me
god job, else this blog you wouldn't see!

How cool is that? And better still is this gadget i am using right now to type with. It is beyond coool.... Rather like me i suppose... It's a little stick that looks like apen and has a spnge on the end, so thhe screen doesn't get damaged,q and it is so much e easieer to type with..., sort of. Well i'm not used to phone typing as you can probably tell.
Anyway, ihad written a verse before I somehow managed to delete it, so I will try that again.
Now on a different note still haven't discovered an address book on here to add phone numbers too. On my old phone the pic was an address book, on this it doesn't appear to be anywhere.
Still the man in the shop was very helpful and if I don't find it then i could always ask hlm. If anyone else knows this phone is apparently a Samsung Galaxy . So

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