GIVEAWAY #UniquelyYours

Today and over the weekend I am running a giveaway. The last one I did was so long ago that I can barely recall it. So I felt that it was high time I did another one. I shall giveaway a Santa Hat and a Festive Mug Cosy with matching Coaster. If there are a lot of entrants then I shall add another prize too. What do you think? Is that okay?
All you have to do is leave a comment, just hello if you like and follow the blog if you don`t already. That`s easy enough isn`t it? I did toy with the idea of commenting on something in my shop but decided not to. It is a giveaway after all I don`t want you to work for it.
This will run from today until late Monday night, when I shall take all the names off, put them in a hat and get someone, probably my husband to pick the names out.
I do recall from the last time that the one person who said they never won anything, was the name my hubby pulled out first. He was totally baffled when I fell about laughing and still thought I was odd even after I explained. Men.....


I have made two of this hat so have decided to put one up for a prize and likewise with the mug cosy set. I shall probably make a few more festive items over the weekend and will include one if there are a lot of entrants.
As usual, to see a bigger picture or a description, just click on the item to view it in the shop.

Today I`m hosting a giveaway
everyone likes a freebie, don`t they?
A festive hat, I think it`s fun,
will be on it`s way, once this is done.
Red and sparkly, with fluffy white,
this is surely a festive sight.
A chunky cosy for a mug,
it likes to give your cup a hug.
A matching coaster for your table,
christmas is coming, it`s no fable.
Now it`s time to start the festivity
let`s have lot`s of fun and levity.
Lot`s of sparkle, white and green,
don`t forget red, if you want to be seen.
Come and vist it`s time to start,
time for you and your cash to part
ways, because it`ll soon be the festive season
as if we ever really need a reason!

I decided to add a few more festive items for you to look at.

Baby chain crochet. Joys of Glass.
NOfkants Curios. Sunrise Cards.
Loopy Lou`s. Created by Kelly.

Hope you enjoyed todays small array of festive delights in keeping with the giveaway theme.
Thanks for visiting, please come back soon.
Don`t forget to leave a comment if you want to be a part of the giveaway.


  1. Thanks so much for including my JOYSofGLASS Fesive Flower. I checked your yesterday's blog and was so impressed with Dottery Pottery that I went to the shop and bought some little personalised decorations for my two grandchildren (who are, very sadly for me, in Oz). This goes to show that being included in a blog can be very useful. Off to the garage now, through the seasonal autumn drizzle, to make more festive glass. xxx

  2. oh wow a giveaway!! Include me in please :) I would love to wear that santa hat on Christmas day! Thank you loads

    Cat x

  3. I love your blogs and your items! Please include me in the giveaway :)

  4. Hi! Thanks so much for the lovely review and giveaway! Please enter me into the draw. I am following your blog via GFC Tracy K Nixon.

    Your blog is truely wonderful! As an avid creative craft fan and maker myself, I love to produce handmake and unique personalised gifts and cards for my family. If I had more time I would love to do something like you - ie write my own blog but at the moment, I am happy to just follow you and share with you my thoughts and ideas xxx Good luck and thank you x

  5. Just saying Hello,would love to be entered for your giveaway,nice of you to do one :)


  6. Oh wow what a great blog! you are getting me all excited about Christmas! I would love to enter your fantastic competition. I've followed your blog as Rhonda.

  7. Tis the season to be jolly.. and how festive are these little gems! I adore the tiny santa hats, perfect for handing out whilst christmas shopping with friends. Please include me in you festive prize draw. I am going to stay a while and have a look around xx

    Now following via GFC.

  8. I love crafting and seeing other peoples crafts, the hat will be perfect for after I get my hair shaved off for charity :) and the mug cosy will be perfect for keeping my cuppas hot and my hands not as hot in the winter months :) x

    p.s. how much do you sell the matching coasters for?

  9. thank you for the giveaway
    please enter me thanks xx

  10. I have banned everyone from saying the "C" (Christmas) word this year, as I have recently become a mature student and am permanently broke but looking through your gifts, I must admit I am getting a little bit excited, they really are lovely! Please enter me into your competition, thanks x

  11. Lovely gifts on your site. I wear my Christmas hat daily from the 21st to aleast day after new year! My daughters birthday is the 20th, so although the house is decked - and I mean decked, hubby always complains every year that it gets more & more like Santa's grotto - we keep Christmas till after her celebration.
    Always buy loads of new decorations in the January sales & put them away. Its such a lovely surprise when they come out of the attic on the 1st December.
    Right to the important bit, I'm a GFC follower. So please count me in for your lovely things. X

  12. S so want to win
    A a christmas treat i want
    N nicest prize ever
    T too cute for words
    A aaaaaaaagh please let me win


  13. Love the Christmas poem and the wonderful prizes

    please enter me into the giveaway

  14. I have tweeted the comp on Twitter

    tweet me @aesop57

  15. Please enter me into the giveaway I've fallen in love with the hat :)

  16. What an amazing giveaway :-) The Santa hat and mug cosy is cute festive design. I am looking forward to wearing those thick mittens and matching I bought from you last year.

    Jen x

  17. hi nice give away . tweeted as @deefindlay1

  18. fab giveaway, follow via gfc xx

  19. Fabulous giveaway! I've only just been able to start celebrating Christmas again after a few missed years - last year was my first one, but all very last minute, so I'll be going all out this year! Love both the hat and the mug cosy, they're fab!!

  20. I promise I will be daft this Christmas and wear the hat should I win it :) But I think my cuppa would very much love a hug!

  21. Hello. Thanks for the lovely giveaway. I'm following you via GFC (Fiona Edwards).

  22. Aww they are so cute. The mug cozy is adorable. Brings festive spirit to every drink! Please enter me to win, thank you for giving your creations away!

  23. I nearly missed a chance to win my favourite hat, glad I'm not too late.

    Great items and verse as ever, sorry dont get as much time to comment these days

    Lynda x

  24. What a lovely giveaway, the hat look so cosy and the mug cosy a brilliant idea, especially as my craft room is very chilliy in the winter! The Christmas items are lovely and festive, ho ho ho from me xxx

  25. Oh fab! I'd love to enter the giveaway, please - I want to don the hat and start using the mug cosy halfway through November to bug my Scrooge-ish spouse. :D

  26. ("Or" start using the mug cosy, I should have said - I'm not expecting to win both!!)

  27. Thank you all for taking part and the lovely comments.
    @LUcy Toons, the mug cosy comes with a matching coaster or they are £5.00 for a set of 6.


  28. Just popped over from folksy to enter and follow you. Would love to wear that hat on Christmas day, I don't drink alcohol so that cosy would get loads of use on my cups of tea as well.

  29. What a great giveaway! I love Christmas
    Lovefool827 (at) yahoo (dotcom)

  30. Haha! Its letting me comment today!
    I'd love to be included.
    Great selection of goodies. Natalie's hats are soooo cute!

  31. Wot a cute lil giveaway :) and gr8 pics from folksy sellers too! xXx