Sadnes and Sorrow.

No pictures today at all. These are all poems I have written over the last few months and want to share on here as a tribute to my Dad. There have been a lot of sad milestones over the last year and today is the saddest in many ways, because today my Dad has been gone for a year.
Tomorrow this blog will return to normal but for today I wanted to do something different to mark this milestone.
He was a wonderful man, kind and gentle and much loved. He touched a lot of lives. I never heard him say a bad word about anyone, even when he had cause. He believed there was so much more than we can see and hear and that we all have a purpose. That we should do no harm and help where we can.

Lately I have been really sad
thinking often of my Dad.
It`s been nearly a year
but its like he was never here.
No one wants to talk about him any more
is it only me who`s heart is sore?
Such a lovely man and always so kind
nowadays he is always on my mind.

The church was so full, the aisles too,
they crowded round the door, to view
and take part in the sharing of his life.
I sat and held the hand of his devastated wife.
My stepmother and I, we often sit and talk,
try to do the same with others and they balk.
She said it just gets harder, worse every day
I know how she feels, so what can I say.
Never a bad word, always so kind,
nowadays he is always on my mind.

My mum, she died many years ago,
I know I really missed her so.
37 years have passed since that fateful day
will time help his too, in the same way?
But now I am an orphan, both my parents gone
an end of an era because their day is done.
I really want to see him, just once more
would it stop my heart from feeling so sore?
He never hurt a fly, was always so kind,
nowadays my Dad is always on my mind.

Don`t attend my funeral and cry,
please don`t sob and sigh.
What lies there is a shell
now I am very well.
My spirit soars high and free
this is the essence of me.
All that I was and am has moved on
now that my earthly life is done.
Now I can hear again and see
I`m everything that I can be.
Back once more to full health
that`s much better than wealth.
I`m always with you, every day
just listen and you`ll hear me say,
the little things that mean so much,
go still and you`ll feel my touch.
Don`t be sad, now I`m free,
free to be the real me.

That`s it then, the year has passed
looking back it went so very fast.
I still think of you every day
so much sadness, more than I can say.
I`m still not ready to let you go
because I still miss you so.
I miss you more than words can say
and think of you each and every day.
I think of good times as well as sad
so much more good than there was bad.
We all hated to see you suffer
didn`t want it to get rougher.
But you knew it was your time
you heard the unearthly chime.
It told you it was time to leave
and we were left here to grieve.

I know that now your spirit soars free
I`m just really grieving for me.
I won`t ever see you again
and that gives me great pain.
To never laugh together any more
and no more hugs makes me heart sore.
I think about you every day.
I miss you more than words can say!

I suppose it`s time to let go
to ease back into life`s flow.
I know it`s what you would say
if you were here today!!

For those that visited and read the poems thank you.


  1. Love and thoughts with you today Linda. Your Dad will be very proud of you.

    Lovely verses.
    Lynda xx

  2. Lovely poems Linda - I'm sure your dad would love them too. xxx

  3. Lovely poems and I understand what you are going through, so hard if no-one wants to talk about the person as it is a way of keeping them alive in your memory. I lost my brother and my little girl in the same week nearly three tears ago and although the hurt gets less fierce it never really goes away. I find this scripture a great help to get through it though.
    John 5:28, 29:

  4. Lovely poems, and a beautiful way to remember your dad. Thinking of you today,
    LIz x

  5. Very moving words, my thoughts are with on such a sad day Linda.
    Joanna x

  6. i'll send you a pm but thanks for this mum,it's great that at least one of us has found a wonderfully creative outlet, love you x x