Verse and Craft Spectacular. #Handmade #Folksy

Okay, this is the last day of the sales fairy verses. They are continuing to be just as funny, if not more so than the first ones. But I think that three days is probably enough for you all. Once again the poets, different ones this time, will have three items featured from their shop or shops. Some have two shops so will show at least one item from a different shop for more variety of viewing. I won`t waffle alot today as the verse is super, mega long. Hope you enjoy it and it makes you laugh. After all, you know what they say, `Humour is the best medicine`. A good laugh can make you feel good all day.
Would just like to know who the `They` is. Everyone talks about them, but no one knows who `They` are. Hmmmm.
As ever, to see a description or bigger picture, just click on the item to view it in the shop.
Have Fun and Enjoy!!

By Maxine Veronica Jewellery
Oh fairy fairy where can you be?
it’s been a while since you visited me
I bead and wire, but to no avail
so come on fairy please bring me a sale!
I promise to spend the proceeds well
to feed my strawberries and make them swell
I’ll also buy some new supplies
to make pretty things to please your eyes
so take some time to visit me
and hear me whoop and shriek with glee!

By Clootielugs Artshop.
Dear Fairy, – tho’ you may be sluggish –
Sales this month are really rubbish –
You need to pull yourself together
We need you now dear more that ever…
Now little fairy please be wise and listen to this soft chastise
Cause little pixie if you don’t this lack of sales will get my goat,
and you won’t like me when I’m mad
‘cause I can get real tough and bad!
So get your little butt in gear and
And flitter-flutter over here!

By Clootielugs...
Well, well, well and my,my ,my
I’ve only gone and made her fly!
My tough talk has done the trick
A firm nudge and a loving kick
Has sent her flying to my lair
And she has worked her magic there
A healthy dose of pixie dust….A SALE!
She has regained my trust!

By Aunty Joan Crafts.
Well good for you thats what I say
When is she gonna make my day?

By GweddusArt
Aunty Joan, of you I’m fond
I hope that fairy waves her wand.
She’ll sprinkle dust, I know she will
She made it work for our friend Jill

By Clootieligs Artshop.
Aunty J now don’t you fuss
I’ve put her on the folksy bus
I’ve paid her fare and packed her tea
I even checked she’d had a wee!
She said she still had plenty dust
To share with others, and she must
Be sure to sprinkle some your way
so fingers crossed she’ll make your day!

By Passionate About Photography.
Fairy fairy oh so true
how I have been missing you
and if you don’t come here quick
I’m gonna give you the flick!

By me.
I`m not sure harshness will help
it might just make her yelp.
Then she`ll run for the hills
nothing will be in our tills.
So I`ll ask nicely, please oh please
come back to us and we won`t tease
you about your absence from here
because we hold you oh so dear.

But if you don`t come back soon
I`ll kick your butt until noon.
Time to take the gloves off now
then it`ll be biff, cuff, pow!
Don`t make me resort to fighting
not now we`ve had a sighting.
Just come right back on duty
after all you visited clootie.
Just one sale is all I ask
not a very difficult task.

By artmagic.
Don’t be bashful, don’t be shy,
If you’re passing, do drop by.
You don’t seem to have much else to do
Unless you are in pastures new.
Sales have dwindled, folk are moaning
with empty pockets they are groaning.
Surely fairies cannot fail
To turn a wish into a sale.
Fairies can be replaced you know,
Especially when they’re soooo slow!

By GweddusArt.
Oh poor sales fairy….what to do….
She’s gone and got locked in the loo.
The fairy dust is everywhere
In her pants and in her hair.
The places where this fairy sits
Are now such pretty sparkly “bits”
So while she’s busy with ablutions
She’ll work on all the best solutions.
Keep on listing and you will see
Your shop is where she soon will be !

By Mystic`s Realm.
Oh sales fairy, how do i get out,
I hear a little voice shout,
Slide under the door,
Don’t worry i cleaned the floor,
The dust will help you pop right up,
and sprinkle here, we all tut!
Now we are sympathic you can see,
But hungry for sales, Pick me! Pick me!
We don’t want to be nasty or mean,
But we need to make a bean,
Some money for a crust of bread,
Someone had i sale, i heard was said.
Thank you for visiting and come again soon,
And sorry for us silly loons! x

By GweddusArt
A bit like all those Willy Wonka’s
The lot of us have gone quite bonkers!

By Maxine Veronica Jewellery
Keep yer knickers on me dears!
she’ll soon be back to lots of cheers

By Clootielugs..
Retail fairy get off your laurels
Have you forgotten Folksy morals?
A sale is all these people ask
A pretty easy fairy task
I would have thought
But am I wrong?
It seems the wait is very long -
Perhaps that time spent in the loo
Really has affected you!
Fairy do you need to talk?
Why not post in ‘Fancy-a-cuppa?’
Get advice on ‘what’s for supper?’
Or share your burdens – you’ll feel lighter
Get some tips from Prototyper
So shake your knickers – get back on track
And magic up those sales we lack!

By GweddusArt
to get that fairy to your shop,
Keep ‘em coming, please don’t stop.
soon we’ll all have loadsa money
This whole thing is OH SO FUNNY !

By Gail Griggs Photography.
I just found this thread of brilliant ryhmes
It has made me giggle many times
I,ve been away over Easter
And oh folksy how I,ve missed you!

By GweddusArt
Welcome Gail…please join in
My list of rhymes is getting thin

By Clootielugs Artshop.
Oh dear oh no I just can’t stop
I’ve a terrible dose of the rhyming trots
Could someone whisper in Fairy’s ear
to end my poetic diarrhoea
This non-stop drivel I can’t cease
Please fairy bring us all some peace
And catch the marbles leaving my mind
Can anyone sweet fairy find?

By Aunty Joan Crafts
She’s been, she’s been, my till was ringing
But I was in the shower singing
I’ve let her go, just wait and see
She’ll come to you, I promise thee.

By Sim Ja Ta - Bags of Swank.
Oh Sales Fairy, Sales Fairy where have you been
There are shops a plenty on Folksy to be seen
Lots of talent and hours spent working
A visit from the fairy is needed no shirking

Some fun in the sun is great for a change
But please return now- take a look at our range
The Girls and Guys of Folksy are in need of a break
Grant more sales for us all there’s a lot at stake

Oh Sales Fairy, Sales Fairy come visit us soon
Already one Folksy seller ready to moon
Whatever it takes please return from your base
Come find us on Folksy with orders to place

By GweddusArt
I’m glad that she’s ok be’cos
I’d wondered what that wailing was.
To know that she’s alive and well
Confirms that soon we all will sell
Forget the cleaning, blow the dinner
We need to list to be a winner.

Jug/Bowl Cover in White. 2 Glass Covers with Matching Coasters - White. Hairband with Flowers in Raspberry Pink. All by UniquelyYours.
Beautiful Brights and Bronze Charm Bracelet. Miniature Artwork Earrings. Both by Maxine Veronica Jewellery. ACEO Nostalgia#2 Original Watercolour by Maxine Veronica Art.

Stone Dyke - 8" x 10" print. The Garden is Awake! 8 x 10" print. Both by Clootielugs Artshop. Squirrel applique cushion - includes inner pad! by Clootielugs.
Purple Mountains. Encaustic Greeting Card. Canvas Print 12x16" Bluebell Woods. All by Passionate About Photography.

* SALE * Emerald Fairy Earrings. Sterling Silver Carnelian Necklace. Pandora Style Bangle. All by Mystic`s Realm.
Greeting card: Light fantastic. Sunset trees: 5 x 5 inch ttv photographic print. Three 3x3" mini photographic prints. All by Photography by Gail Griggs.

Denim Shoulder Bag with Dogs. Glasses Case, Mobile Cover with Dogs. Both by Bags of Swank. Labrador Trinket Box and Greetings Card Set by Special By SimJaTa.

Hope you enjoyed the mega verse today and found it as funny as I did. Hope you enjoyed viewing these wonderful creations by these clever crafters too.
Thanks for visiting, please come back soon.


  1. LOL, I just love those verses. Thank you for taking the time to show them all off. Not only talented poem writers on Folksy but of course talented crafters, loving today's featured items. Might just have to pop along and favourite some of them.
    Thank you for featuring my denim dog bag, mobile holder and box set.

    Lynda x

  2. Thank you for featuring my items! So many lovely things. Writing the verse was a load of fun and could become a nasty habit! Thanks again Linda!
    Jill x

  3. What a brilliant idea for a blog, loving the verses and the items.Thank you so much for featuring my verse and items from my shops.
    Julie x

  4. @clotielugs, it can be addictive. After a while you start thinking in rhyme.
    Thank you all for the lovely comments.