New Finds #Handmade #Folksy.

Decided to look at some new shops and put a few of their items on here for you to look at. The standard of craftsmanship is, as usual, excellent. It is nice to see new shops adding more variety. It doesn`t seem to matter how many shops you get making jewellery or crocheted/knitted items, for example, what they produce is different as they each have their own ideas and way of doing things. Diversity is good!

A rhyme about my day yesterday.

Went to the cinema yesterday and saw Megamind,
had some lunch out and a present we did find.
The city was busy, lots of people around,
most seemed happy and good cheer did abound.
The kids were fun, we had a good laugh
Pushed out the boat, nothing by half.
Big popcorn and fizzy drink too
it was an enjoyable film to view.
At lunch they had hot chocolate to drink
for the littlest one, maybe a mistake I think.
His cup was as big as his sister and brothers
they didn`t seem to have any others.
They older two said he`ll spill it
then when he did had a laughing fit.
The spill he made was only very small
I was watching ready to avoid a close call.
He drained the cup of every drop
we finished our lunch and were ready to hop.
By the time we came home we were all quite weary
the littlest one getting tired and teary.
I dropped them off home yearning for a cup of tea
I know I`m getting older when only tea is for me.
Funny how life events can make great change
this year for me has had quite a range.
Now I like who I am, I`m happy with my life.
What caused it was drastic and brought about strife,
but it brought me right here, to doing what I love
interests and work fit like a `hand in glove`.

These two items were an order and have been SOLD! I thought I would show them anyway.
A Black and Pink Hat.

Black and Pink Fingerless Gloves/Mitts/Wristwarmers/Handwarmers.

Swarovski Crystal Pendant by Freecloud Jewellery.

Floral and Dots Coasters set of 6 by Katiedidonline.

Crochet Rag Rug by Minerva`s Crafts.

Vintage Bubbly Tiara by Sezzys Crafts.

Hand Screenprinted Black Faux Leather Cushion Cover 39x39cm by AnnaLouise Designs.

Bowl of Cherries - Fine Art Greeting or Note Card by Dancing-girl Art.

Gratitude Journal Diary by Grow Your Own Gorgeousness.

Rusty a seven inch Bear by Pud Bears & Friends.

Autumn coloured, flower hair clip by Bloomin Gorgeous.

Much smaller today. I hope you like what you see and take the time to visit the shops and have a browse. To go to the shop just click on the picture and you will go directly there.
Thanks for visiting.


  1. Lovely choices as always!

    I have fallen in love with an item in one of your featured shops, won't say which item in case someone else pinches it, but it is a bear, so big clue there!

    Natalie x

  2. beautiful collection, that tiara is amazing!

  3. Fab choices once again Linda

  4. Nice choices -I love that rag rug! And thanks for including my card :)

  5. Gorgeous choices - love your pink and black hat and gloves!

    Jen x