Midweek Medley of Art. #Handmade #Folksy.

A midweek medley of wonderful art for your delectation today. If you are back at work already then you have my commiserations. I don`t go back for a couple of weeks yet. It`s wonderful to have all that time stretching out before me, although one week has gone already, far too quickly.
I have been busy though the last couple of days, sorting out business cards and re-organising the shop, adding a sale section and sorting out what goes in it. I have to make room for all the new things I keep making. I finished a lovely beret in varying shades of blue yesterday. Last time I added one of those it sold very quickly. I am also making a chunkier beret in blue and teal shades. So many ideas for things to make and not enough time. I am also playing around with ideas for new and different effect scarves and scarflet/collars. But those are still taking shape in my head.
Have to find time to play around with all my new art supplies I got for Christmas too. Ideas are brimming there as well. Those will probably take a little longer to cook in my brain. Although with any of these things you just never can tell!

Is your Wednesday full of woe?
Do you have far to go?
Never mind, stop here with us!
Don`t you worry about that bus!
Is the weather getting you down?
Is the cold making you frown?
Then stay here, just stay in
enjoying yourself is not a sin!
Let the waffle and verse make you smile
then let this art take you the extra mile.
Into pleasure and wonderment too
these pictures are here just for you.
Are you back to work already?
Then just take it nice and steady.
Pop back in here for another view
while perching upon that work pew.
If you feel more cheery after a peek
it`s good, your happiness is all I seek.
Come wallow in the delights of art
while munching on that break time tart.
And if the art should make you sigh,
click on the picture and go and buy!

Today I decided to show all art again as it looks wonderful to see so many different styles on show. This was inspired by all the art on show on the Forums at the minute.

ACEO Original Watercolour - The Milky Way.

ACEO Original Watercolour - The Great Nebula.

ACEO Daisy by ........redpaint.

ACEO - Our Abundance by Lilly`s Night Garden.

Deer in the woods by Wellydog Gallery.

Horse ACEO Print - `Just Looking...` by Audrey`s Art.

ACEO Hay Castle by Lemonade and Lamingtons Art.

ACEO Original Painting-Chinese Lantern by Greenbea.

Acrylic on Canvas Painting `Hydrangea Bud 3` Kathheywood textile crafts original art.

ACEO "Old Boat on Beach" by Hannelore`s Atelier.

Frida Kahlo night garden. ACEO original painting by Petit Bird.

ACEO - Castell Coch#1 Original Artwork in Acylic by Maxine Veronica Jewellery and Art.

`In Bloom`- mini art by HollyPops Crafts.

Framed Origami Shadow Art by Myluvlee.

Lindisfarne Castle by Paul Bailey`s original Watercolour Landscapes.

ACEO Flower Burst (Original) by Top Floor Treasures.

ACEO Original watercolour painting of lakeside trees by GweddusArt.

Love Colour Fuschia ACEO by Marian`s Arts.

Hope you like this selection as much as I do. Such a wonderful variety of colour and styles. Art is so wonderful and can give you such a lift every time you look at it. For a detailed description or to buy just click on the picture.
Thanks for visiting.


  1. What an inspiring post. I am so enjoying reading this. You sound just like me, creating textiles and art at the same time! I love being part of the folksy art community, thank you for including my aceo, happy new year, Sue x

  2. All Gorgeous!!!! I am in awe of these artistic creations! I wish I could paint and draw!!!!!

    Natalie x

  3. Thanks so much for including my little aceo - your choices are just stunning. I can't get over the framed origami by Myluvlee and I'm a huge fan of Mochalulu...

  4. What a wonderful selection of art work here. Thank you for featuring my fuschia. Much appreciated.

  5. What a wonderful selection of art! There's so much amazing artistic talent on Folksy and it's great to see a selection all together like this, excellent choices and excellent blog:)

  6. Oh wow! How amazing! We have such a talented bunch at Folksy, don't we - love Paul Bailey's version of Lindisfarne Castle - having done an ACEO of it myself this week I know how lovely a shape it is to reproduce. Very inspiring choices!

    Thank you for including my ACEO of Hay Castle!

    Lisa x

  7. So kind of you to feature my Chinese lanterns in your blog.There are so many lovely aceo's to choose from,in folksy,and so much talent!
    I like your 'milky Way' aceo!
    Jeanie x

  8. Another great blog! Amazing selection..So many really talented people at Folksy. Like Natalie, I wish I could draw and paint!

    Victoria xx

  9. I am pleased to be included with so many wonderful art works , thank you

  10. What a fantastic blog. It is great to see such a wealth of talent. Love the origami artwork and the Lindisfarne castle especially but to be quite honest they are all gorgeous. Thanks for including my boat too.

  11. Thanks for featuring lots of ACEO here (including one of mine). I do love Paul Baileys paintings!

  12. Thank you all for taking the time to comment, I love reading them. I agree that Folksy have a very talented lot of artists.

  13. A fantabulous collection of art and in particular the Lindisfarne Castle - superb! Thank you for your updates extremely inspiring and making it easier to find talented artists!

  14. Wow, there is sooo much talent on here, I love doing these little paintings. Thank you for including my little folly Castell Coch

    Max :o) x

  15. Wow, what a talented bunch, I cant draw for toffee either - but do admire those of you who can.
    Great fun verse today too Linda.

    Lynda x