#December Elves #Handmade #Folksy. 28th Dec.

Well thats Christmas over, far too quickly. Wonderful visitors have all gone home and it seems a bit strange. Had such a great Christmas! I think it`s not what you have but the people that make the occasion. Surrounded by family it could only be good, so good I don`t want it to end. I might stamp my feet and have a tantrum I think. On the other hand that would be a waste of time and effort as I wouldn`t gain anything from it.
Next we have New Year. Traditionally a time for nostalgia and a look at the events of the past year. If you had a good or great year, then you hope even better will appear next year. If it was a lousy year or had bad parts then you look forward to the new year with hope that things will improve. Me, I had a lousy first half and then it improved. Then I found Folksy and haven`t looked back.
So now I am going to display new wonders from the December Elves who are still valiantly listing.

Christmas has become the past,
can`t believe it went so fast.
New Year is looming bright,
a beacon of hope bringing the light.
Are New Year resolutions your thing
or do you not bother and just sing.
I always used to once upon a time,
they ended as a story, like this rhyme.
Now I don`t bother at all to pretend
I know any resolution will come to a bad end.
I`ll be moving forward with hope for the best
that my life will be full of joy and zest.
For now it`s back to real life once more
wool everywhere as you walk in the door.
The break has been great but now I`m ready
to create once again, taking it nice and steady.
No doubt before long I will become manicly busy
my brain working overtime, creativity fizzy.
I do what I love and love what I do
creating unique accessories for you!

Hat - Blue and White. SALE! WAS £12.50 NOW £9.50.

Adult Handwarmer/Muff - Blue. SALE! WAS £11.50 NOW £8.50.

Blue Zebra Jasper Pendant with Sterling Silver Bail by NOFKants Curios

Polymer Clay Button - Large Round (A-12) by Victoria`s Polymer Art.

Treble Clef Pendant by SP Jewllery.

Card - Paris Streetlight by Lilly`s Night Garden.

Crochet Neck Warmer by Eccentric Ella.

ACEO Flower Print - `Sunflowers` by Audrey`s Art.

Cream Pearls Flower Earrings by Alicia`s Stones.

Kindle 3 Pouch Case hearts by Pipdesigns.

ACEO "Rusty Old Boat" by Hannelore`s Atelier.

Filigree Copper Coloured Hairclip by Damselfly Gemma.

30% Off "L`Amour Eternelle" Swarovski Heart Lilac Crystal Earrings by Cosmic Eden.

Vintage Lady Shopping Bag by `Shabby by Sharon`.

ACEO Bodiam Castle by Lemonade and Lamingtons Art.

Brooch Flower Felt Green Pink by Pretty Beautiful Designs.

Russian Amazonite & Hemimorphite 925 Sterling Silver Necklace by JAustenJewelleryDesign.

Tiny Floral Vintage Gold Yellow Blue Flower Japanese Stud Earrings by Silk Purse, Sow`s Ear.

Well isn`t that an absolutely wonderful selection. With Christmas over you can treat yourself more now, unless of course you have any birthdays imminent. There are of course lots of sales on Folksy, just like in the high street. The difference here of course is that you will be buying something unique, rather than mass produced.
If you want a closer look or a detailed description, just click on the picture.
Thank you for visiting.


  1. Thank you for the lovely selection, and for choosing my Bodiam Castle ACEO! I consider you to be my lucky charm because everything of mine you feature sells, and this has been no exception! So thank you once again!

    Lisa x

  2. Lovely tonal feature gallery!!!

    Thank you so much for including my Blue Zebra Jasper Pendant.

    Adore Hannelore's boat ACEO and Jacqueline's very striking necklace!

    Natalie x

  3. great blog as always! thankyou for including my treble clef pendnat :)

  4. What a fantastic selection - its so flattering to be included! I love them all but especially Natalie's pendant, Hannelore's boat ACEO and Gemma's hairclip.......

  5. Thanks once again for the feature Linda. Glad you had a great Christmas.
    Love your choices. Natalie's pendant is stunning

  6. Terrific Blog as always! Thanks so much for including my button.

    Victoria xxx

  7. Thank you so much for including my Amazonite and hemimorphite necklace in such a lovely and varied selection of hand made creations. I love all the items listed, especially the cream pearl earrings.

    Jacqueline x