Christmas Verse Ongoing. Join in.

Thought I would try an ongoing verse that other people as well as me could add to. Kind of an ongoing history of Christmas in verse. Give it a go, it could be fun! I will be adding to it anyway!
Keep it clean though, just fun!! If you don`t have a blog link to add just cut and paste mine, it works, I know cos I tried it. Have fun!!

It`s finally here, it`s Christmas Eve,
what has Santa got up his sleeve.
I`ve been up early, the shopping is done
after all the cooking it`ll be time for fun.
The rolls are rising getting ready to cook,
in a minute I`ll go down for a look.
The pastry is made and soon I will make
sausage rolls & mince pies and then they`ll bake.
Tomato and herb and white crusty rolls first
and the gammon is cooking fit to burst.
I`m off to check the bread,
from me for now enough`s been said.
The gammon`s cooking with honey too
breads not risen enough, I had a view.
Time to roll pastry and do the rest methinks,
I`ll leave this blog for now with your linky links!

So much wrapping still to be done, I`d better run...
Ham is cooked, mince pies and sausage rolls are done.
Sliced and tried the ham it tastes divine,
please don`t tell that younger daughter of mine.
She so loves ham especially a home cooked one
if she got it and tried it, it would soon be gone.
The chilli is cooking, jacket spuds all wrapped and ready
Maybe time to prepare the tuna, going nice and steady.
I had the christmas music turned nice and loud too,
anyone who saw would have had a funny view.
I boogied to the music, sang along as well,
danced about so much, a bread roll nearly fell.
Last two things for wrapping, then thats the lot,
few more preparations for tea, then time for a tot!

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