#Boxing Day #HandmadeChristmas #Folksy

Well Christmas Day was brilliant. Fantastic dinner, wonderful comapany, what more could you want? I had hoped for a bit more snow to make a snowman.
But there you are, thats life. I`m sitting here now with the sun slowly rising over the roof tops turning my room orange with the glow. The sky is clear and blue, it`s going to be a lovely day. Cold but lovely and bright.

Christmas lunch was so divine,
cooked by that lovely daughter of mine.
We sat and lingered over coffee and chat
then it was all cleared away, that was that!
Later, still feeling stuffed, no one wanted eat,
but an array of tempting food, had them out of their seat.
Lot`s of chat and laughter, the perfect Christmas Day
How did yours go? Please do have your say!
Now I thought I`d sneak some sale stuff
on here today. Are you still feeling rough
or ready for normal life to resume?
You`re ready to be tempted now I assume!
You`ll find a few sale things displayed below
they`ll all be from my shop today, you know.
I keep being distracted by the rising sun
I`d like to play in the snow and have fun.
The world has got a beautiful glow
as the sun rises in the morning flow.
The flow from night, to dawn, to day,
It`s such a lovely sight, the best I say!
Oh no, the birds are waiting to be fed,
but hubby forgot and is still in his bed.
It usually goes out the night before
but he`s failed the perfect score!
Poor birds they keep checking the empty table
obviously the food is nothing more than a fable!
It`s okay little birds, it will be filled in a while,
seeds, worms and suet pellets, enough to make you smile.

Adult Mittens. SALE !!! NOW £7.00

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Hat. SALE! NOW £10.00

Hat. SALE! NOW £10.00

Hat. SALE! NOW £10.00

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These are some of the sale items available in my shop. More sale items will be added to the sale section over the next couple of days. So keep looking.
As usual, click on the picture for a full description.
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  1. Some superb hats there, and much needed still in this weather.
    Wish I could ship you over some of our snow, still here from over a week ago now, enough to make a town full of snowmen.

    Lynda x

  2. Thanks ours is shrinking fast, what little there is.