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If a picture paints a thousand words, then why can`t I paint you....
A beautiful picture always brings those words of that song to mind. Can`t even recall the name of the song now. But the bit about a picture painting a thousand words is so true. Well I think so anyway. A beautiful picture can really grab you, make you just want to stare at it and the longer you do the more you see. Of course different styles appeal to different people, so its good to have a diverse range of artists too.
An ACEO - Art Cards, Editions and Originals are small works of art 3.5"x2.5" that are affordable for all. They are very collectible and you don`t end up filling the walls to overflowing.
If you like what you see today click on the picture to go to the shop and browse the other art they have for sale. There are so many stunning pictures that I can`t fit them all on here, so the rest is up to you.

I sometimes have the urge to draw
I want to draw and paint much more.
A while ago I drew lots of faces
that really put me through my paces.
Don`t know who these people are
they were in my head from afar.
So many artists with so much skill
they have the gift and the will,
to create masterpieces for you
I think much praise is due.
Have a look and see what you think
if you like what you see just click the link.
You will go to the shop and see many more
click on the picture and take a tour.
A sample is all I have to show
you`ll have to make the effort and go
to browse and find more to see
I think you`ll be shouting with glee!

ACEO Original - The Crab Nebula.

ACEO Original - The Veil Nebula.

ACEO Original - The Andromeda Galaxy.

ACEO - Pink Fantasy Bird by Lilly`s Night Garden.

ACEO - Blue Victorian Angels by Lilly`s Night Garden.

ACEO - Original Woodland Blossoms by GweddusArt.

ACEO - Zendoodle Ink and Watercolour by GweddusArt.

Sunset through the pier railings by Wellydog Gallery.

Seagulls ACEO by Wellydog Gallery.

ACEO Original Watercolour Convolvulus by Cherry Tree.

ACEO "Garden" Watercolour Original by Cherry Tree.

Fox in Snow ACEO original drawing by The Emporium of Curiosities.

Hever Castle pencil drawing ACEO by The Emporium of Curiosities.

Jester Tree ACEO by Marian`s Arts.

Rainbow Scene Trees by Marian`s Arts.

ACEO Listen to your Heart by Three Generations.

Paris ACEO by Three Generations.

ACEO "Llyn Cynwch" by Astrid`s Garden.

Black and White ACEO by Astrid`s Garden.

ACEO Flower Zentangle (Original) by Top Floor Treasures.

ACEO Patchwork Quilt (Original) by Top Floor Treasures.

ACEO Original Painting by Greenbea.

ACEO Original Painting - Gentian by Greenbea.

"Cove" ACEO Ltd Ed Print by Gelert Design.

"The Hill Farm" ACEO Ltd Ed Print by Gelert Design.

ACEO Nasturtium by ..........redpaint.

ACEO Summer Flowers by ...........redpaint

ACEO Flower Print - `Bromeliad` by Audrey`s Art.

ACEO Print `Autumn Birches` by Audrey`s Art.

What a gallery!!! I started off choosing two from each shop thinking that there weren`t that many ACEO artists. I was clearly wrong. There are still more out there too. It was a real job choosing which ones to put on here as well, unbelievably hard. The choices were amazing, so much talent!!
Hope you like my choices. Thanks for visiting.


  1. Linda, I'm incredibly flattered to be included in such amazing company. Every day I'm in awe of what people come up with. You've done a fantastic job with your choices and they look brilliant together xx

  2. Amazing choices, and seeing so many different styles together is wonderful. I love your paintings too, great blog!

  3. What a lovely display of aceo's.

    Thank you for featuring two of mine .

    Jeanie x

  4. It is really good to see all the different styles and media. Fantastic selection!

    Cherrytree x

  5. What a great blog, so many wonderful pieces of art. Thanks for including mine.

    Hannelore x

  6. Thank you so much for including two of my drawings.
    Jane (Emporium of Curiosities)

  7. Beautiful ACEO's!!!! I adore you space subula ones! I think they would look great framed together in a tripple frame.

    Natalie xxx

  8. Thanks for all the lovely comments. I love reading them.