Saturday Spectacular

The wonderful weekend lies ahead,
will you be up early or lie abed.
There`s places to go and things to see,
get togethers planned and families for tea.
Whatever you do, whether you relax or hurry,
spare us a thought in all that flurry.
Come visit my blog and visit my shop,
visit some others and shop till you drop.
We`re always open 24 hours a day,
come spend a while, what do you say?

The two luxurious scarflets from yesterday are SOLD, never to be seen again.If you like something, don`t wait, or you could miss out.

Todays new beautiful offering is this wonderful Narrow Necklet/Scarflet. These often vanish quickly and each one is different. The flowers are evolving! Are they getting better or do you prefer the first styles? Although they were different too. Oh well, tell me what you think.

Golden Charm Watch Bracelet by Mirribeads.

Gingerberries-Pink and Bronze Bead Cluster Necklace by JCU Designs.

Make-up Bag - Green Vintage Fabric by Audrey`s Cat.

Velvet Vintage Flora Pin by Daisy Florence Designs.

Silver Owl Earrings by Pirate Treasures Jewellery.

Hot Pink Flower Cupcake Necklace by Sugar Mice.

Heart Shaped Fossil Ammonite Keyring/Handbag Charm by NOFKants Curios.

Alpaca Long Lacy Fingerless Gloves in Logan by JandJalpacas.

Steampunk Lady Card by Busybeecards.

Retro Print Cushion - Natural/Linen by Court and Spark.

Pearl and Swarovski Crystal Necklace by JET Jewellery.

What do you think of my choices? I have tried to make the selection as varied as possible. If you like what you see go and visit Folksy for even more delectable goodies. GO NOW and BUY! Te He! I love putting that, its such fun.


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my Logan fingeress alpaca gloves in your lovely blog. Fab poem, Sugar Mice's cupcake necklace is gorgeous.
    Clare x

  2. Great feature!
    Thanks for including my cushion!

  3. Love the lacey gloves!

  4. Thank you for adding my necklace, i love the other items you added and have added some to my favs :-)

  5. Thank you so much for including my heart shaped ammonite keyring / handbag charm!

    You're scarflet is so pretty!

    Natalie x