October FolkFest.-Thursday.

Thursday again, where has the week gone.
What have I achieved, what hasn`t been done.
So many ideas are spinning in my head,
they never get made before it`s time for bed.
I sit and crochet, my mind wanders free,
with four pairs of hands I`d have a spree.
So many more things that I could make,
especially if I didn`t do housework or bake.
Ideally I`d sit and crochet all day,
stopping only for blogging and Folksy play.
But life isn`t like that I`m sorry to say.
Life is for living and I`m finding the way
to balance it all and do what I LOVE!!!!

Another bad verse for your edification. I just love big words. My favourite word of all time is serendipity - an accident that turns out to be good.

All these wonderful items are listings from yesterdays October Folkfest Listing Club.

Today my new offering is a beautiful white crocheted hat. This hat is great for the winter with its ear flaps and button to do up at the neck to keep you snug.

Beaded Christmas Tree by Talking Beads.

Rustling Leaves Charm Bracelet by Mirribeads.

Steampunk Dragonfly Bangle/Bracelet by Steampunk Storm.

Fairy Congratulations Card by Bespoke Cards and Crafts.

Emerald Green Glass Earrings "Niamh" by Astrid`s Garden.

Bron, A First Dinosaur by Made by Dolly.

Iroko Letter Opener by Diggiwoodturning.

Seagreen and Blue Netted Bead Necklace by Bearly Beaded.

Pretty Floral Make-Up/Toiletry Bag by Jentwinkle.

Set of 5 Original Unofficial I Love Folksy Badges - 45mm by Gifts Shack.

Hope you like the choices I have made today. If you do then go to Folksy for a closer look. Thanks for visiting.


  1. Lovely choices as usual!

    Adore the I love Folksy badges! And Roys letter opener is the perfect gift for man with a desk job!

    Natalie x

  2. Great items, I like the badges too,

  3. Thank you for featuring my earrings! There are some gorgeous items here, love the bracelets

  4. Beautiful selction as usual!

    I love your hat, Mirribeads bracelet, the fairy cards and the Folksy badges!

  5. I always love the jewelry you have! stop on over to our blog today- we have a giveaway going for a piece of jewelry today! http://craftylifeandstyle.blogspot.com
    have a wonderful day!!! Crafty Girl

  6. Hi thanks for featuring my dinosaur toy! He will be very happy xx

  7. Thank you all for visiting and the lovely comments.

  8. Thanks for putting my bracelet in with all these lovely choises :-) I'm chuffed to bits.
    xxx mirjam

  9. Fab choices!!! Loving the dinosaurs and great cosy hat