Folksy Friday

Friday!! Everyone loves Friday. The day before the weekend, a time to wind down. For some a weekend is busy, catching up on all the jobs not done during the week. For others its a time to relax and unwind and for still others a time to go out and catch up with friends and party. Whatever your weekend is like, when you do relax, come and visit us on Folksy and discover all the new and wonderful things we have to offer.
This Friday is the start of October and a new listing club. We all appreciate the hard work that Natalie from NOFKants Curios puts in to make it happen. I`m not sure it would happen at all without her and for those of us who are part of it, it has made a lot of difference to our sales. It is also great to cheer each other on and show each others work so they reach a wider audience.
So that said, lets all hope that October is even better than September. BRING IT ON!!!

This morning we have a stylish hat. Vibrant colours, with a silver thread running through it for added sparkle in your life.

How cute is this? OOAK Handmade Pom Pom Bunny Rabbit by Pom Pom Creations.

Spotted this delightful Bunny Soap by Violet The Beast.

This Personalised Christening Card for Girl or Boy by Molly Moo Designs is lovely.

A gorgeous, Orchid: Vintage Style Rose Necklace by The Whimsical Wren.

Wonderful Handmade Resin Butterfly - Pink with Gold Foil by Karen`s Beads.

A very pretty Light Rose Barrette Hairclip by Yoossi Petite

Thought these Pretty Lampwork Flower Earrings, Pink Black Green White by Flamehaired Jewellery Designs were stunning.

Unusual Lampwork Glass Dichroic Heart Pendant Necklace by Tracey`s Bits and Bobs.

Seem to have gone with more of a pink theme today, except for mine at the top but that has pink in it. Hope you like my choices. If you love them, get to Folksy and buy before you miss out!!!!


  1. What a beautiful blog! Congratulations and thanks for your hard work.
    Yooyssi Petite

  2. a lovely selection - thank you for including my pink & gold butterflies (Karen's Beads)

  3. Oooh everything looks so good together, lovely picks. Those butterflies are gorgeous. xx

  4. a great Folksy Friday...hard pushed to pick a fav they are all so nice...the necklace, no the butterflies, no the hat...its a friday fav folksy for me

  5. I love accidental themes!! Lovely choices and I agree- Natalie is amazing!