Another too Early Bird.

I thought I was early today. But I see many already up and listing, how do they do it? I reckon they should all be stumbling around like zombies later in th day, but they probably wont.
Well here`s mine for today. A delightful bag for hand or shoulder in white crochet, fastened with a wooden button.

Who could resist this Cuddle-Me-Baby-Blue-Stegosaurus by Gemma Payne.

How cute is this Baby Tunic in Wool/Alpaca by JoJasca.

This lovly Dagenham Fordite pendant is so colourful it really catches the eye by NOFKants Curios.

J Austen Jewellery had three lovely listings for today but I went for this Blue Tiger Jasper Heart 925 Silver Pendant.

Spotted this and had to have a closer look its so pretty.
Be Still My Beating Heart Victorian Vintage Styled Pendant by Miss Bohemia.

Hope you like these early morning selections as much as I do. Enjoy!


  1. Good morning early bird! Thank you so much for including my Fordite pendant, very kind of you. I too love Jacqueline's heart pendant, such an unusual gemstone!

    Natalie x

  2. Morning hon! Love you delicate bag. Natalie's pendant is so interesting- little bit of an education this morning (although to be fair I was doing maths papers a few hours ago). Such a cute steggie too!

  3. Thanks so much for featuring my Heart pendant!
    Lovely collection from Folksy :-)

    I was an early bird lister today & am not a zombie yet but am just about to have a 'power' nap lol!